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Free IMVU Credits Generator

It is important to note that ‘IMVU’ is a play on the way the letters sound when pronounced. It sounds a lot like ‘I envy you’. IMVU credits are the ticket to this envy in-game. Like many other online chat rooms, games, and life simulators, there is an online currency by which you can exchange in the shop for clothing/accessories/furniture.

Like many online games and simulations, IMVU provides new players with a limited amount of free credits when they create a new account. It is not nearly enough for a proper avatar display and leaves the player desperate for more. Credits can be purchased, but they run expensive for something that’s not physical. It can leave the player with mixed feelings ranging from regret, to a desire for more credits once they’ve been spent.

imvi credits

There are several ways to get free IMVU credits.

Verified IMVU Credits

Verified credits are credits given for free to the player in exchange for survey completion or other tasks. This is not an IMVU hack, as the company itself offers these free credit gaining opportunities.

To earn these credits, select ‘free credits’ under the general credits tab on the IMVU web homepage. You will be taken to a list of available offers. You can watch a video advertisement to gain a handful of credits, or you can complete larger offers for thousands of credits.

One example of a currently available, large offer is to sign up for a premium Hulu account to get five-thousand credits. Yes, a premium Hulu account does cost money. The trick to getting free credits using this method is to pick out offers you’ve already completed. For example, if you have a Netflix account and subscription and an offer says to get a Netflix subscription, simply log into your Netflix account to collect credits! Another option is to search around for someone with an existing subscription (friends, family,) willing to let you log in for collection’s sake.

Gifted IMVU Credits

Gifted credits are credits given to you for free in-game by another player. In the modern world, some people have money and a generous heart. In-game, there are certain rooms where these players congregate. By visiting ‘free credit’ or ‘donation’ rooms, you can easily find these generous players. Upon entering the room, simply send a hopefully chat and watch the credits roll in.

Using these rooms can host a friendship with the gifters, and can even provide a constant virtual income.

Redeemed IMVU Credits

Redeemed credits are a mix of the two previous methods of gathering free credits. Through sites like ZoomBucks, you can do surveys, watch television shows, or complete other offers for ZoomBucks’ points. Once you reach a threshold of points through the website, you can not only redeem your survey points for IMVU credits, but other rewards such as gift cards, or online balances for sites like amazon.

When you reach the 10,000 point threshold that is specific to ZoomBucks, you will be gifted the credits in-game. Keep in mind that, unlike the other two methods, this method is not immediate.

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