Snapchat Hacks

Snapchat is quickly becoming the social media app of choice, especially among the younger generation. You can seamlessly chat and share text messages, pictures, and videos with Snapchat. However, if you feel that your loved one is misusing the app, it’s possible you would want to track or hack the app without his/her knowledge. Here are 10 ways to hack Snapchat while maintaining anonymity:

1. By phishing Method

Phishing is an old but effective Snapchat hack method. It works in both mobile devices and desktops. You begin by simply creating a fake Snapchat login page with a different URL. If your target logs in on the fake page, they will be redirected to Snapchat and their username and password will be saved on a text file. Phishing simply works by copy-pasting and you don’t need any coding. Since most web browsers warn users about phishing URLs using PHP, the best way to go about it is to use firebase, a serverless architecture used to create apps.

2. Social Engineering

Social engineering is used to execute about 50 percent of real-world hacking. It involves understanding your victim’s behavior. In most cases, people set passwords with their names, pet names, girlfriend/boyfriend’s names, birthdays, and so on. With social engineering, you not only guess the password but lure the victim through messages or emails to click on your phishing link and earn rewards like a free recharge.

3. By Extracting Login Details from a Saved Password

Remembering complex passwords is never a walk in the park. So, many users prefer saving passwords on the web browser. It’s easy to extract someone’s saved password from the browser. If you’re using Google Chrome, just go to Google Chrome settings and drop down to advanced settings. Click on manage passwords and it will show you a list of all saved passwords. Click on the eye symbol to view the password.

4. By Hacking a Smartphone Message

You can use ikeymonitor to hack Snapchat or even Whatsapp. It’s a simple keylogger app that allows you to view text messages on Snapchat. Just go to Snapchat login and click on the icon “forgot password.” Click on reset password by phone and you’ll be able to view the code using ikeymonitor app.

5. Using the mSpy App

With mSpy app, you can do more than just spy on Snapchat. Moreover, it works well with desktops, tablets, and Android phones. Whether its Viber, Instagram, Whatsapp, or Snapchat, you can seamlessly hack it using mSpy app. It allows you to view your victim’s sent and received texts, data, pictures, and videos.

6. Using TruthSpy app

TruthSpy is another effective software for a Snapchat hack. Start by downloading the app and installing it on your Smartphone or tablet. It allows you to spy on your victim’s Snapchat texts, pictures, and videos without their knowledge. TruthSpy is safe, non-detectable, and easy to use.

7. Using SnapChat hacker Tool

Hacker tool allows you to efficiently hack into a Snapchat account fast and seamlessly. You don’t have to have a Snapchat account to hack with Snapchat hacker tool. It works without any surveys; all you need is internet connectivity.

8. Using Spyzie

Spyzie is among the top Snapchat hacking apps with tremendous features. You can run the program on a stealth mode to ensure that your victim doesn’t detect any spying attempt. It’s also possible to track the location of the device in real time.

9. Using Snapthief

You can quickly hack a Snapchat account using Snapthief app. It stores information about the Snapchat account credentials. Snapthief runs dedicated algorithms to allow anonymous access to any Snapchat account.

10. Using Snapexploit

Snapexploit is another great and efficient way to hack Snapchat straight from the internet. Just get the Snapchat user ID for your target and you’re good to go. Snapexploit allows for anonymity while executing the hack.

Final Word

With the widespread use of the internet, most parents are scared about the safety of their kids on the internet. Couples may also be worried about who your spouse is speaking to online, and Snapchat hacking is a great way to unearth the truth. Try any of these tools for a successful Snapchat hack.

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