How to get snapchat account verified?

Today social media has become the it thing. There are various platforms to join on social media, and one of the most popular is snapchat. Over the years, getting verified indicates how much your influence has grown on snapchat. Social media presence for you as a business or individual is quite significant and fun. You can always post pictures and ideas that you have at any time, and gain likes and comments from your followers. Recently as a business, it’s quite inevitable to have a social media platform because of the increase in demand and competition. As an individual, you certainly want to gain friends from all over as well as became popular on Snapchat, and therefore verification would undoubtedly go a long way for you.

How do you get your snapchat verified? The article will guide you on the steps you need to embrace to see to it that your account gets verified. Here is a guide to it:

1. Be you
Before you start hustling upon getting verified, snapchat will first have to confirm your identity. They will, therefore, look into your account and what you post. It’s hence quite crucial for you as a brand or individual wishing to be verified that you always keep your profile as real as possible. Doing this can only be by providing accurate information as you sign up. Such details will prove that this is not a fake account, and it’s you who is gaining on snapchat. The last thing the platform wants to do is get embarrassed, having verified a scam or a ghost identity. Keeping it real is not as hard as all it takes is honesty.

2. Promote yourself
After signing up, since you want to get verified, now you have to put some effort into it. You need to be aggressive on social media to get verified by promoting yourself on it. Since snapchat is more of a picture social media platform, you need to be consistent in what you post. Let it be about what you do most and the reason you signed up for it since you need to grow your brand as a business or an individual. Let your pictures not be boring but be creative in them to gain a following and use your talents wisely. As you are doing so, it would help if you tagged your snapchat account on other social media platforms you have to gain a following. Make videos on them, asking people to follow you snap stories even on youtube. Do not also hesitate to put your account detail on them as that’s the easiest way they will get to you.

3. Ask to be verified
Lastly, if your fame or popularity has not yet earned you verification, you need to ask them to do so. However, you have to know that catching customer care on a widely subscribed platform will not be easy. It will, therefore, require you to be creative and precise so that you are attended to. While doing so, ensure that your account is well organized and real so that as they attend to your verification process, they will have no reason to verify.

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