How to Get Millions of Instagram Reel Followers

Instagram Reel followers

Instagram refers to a free photo and an open sharing app available for android phones, window phones, and Apple iOS phones. On this app, the user can upload videos and photos and share them with a few selected phones and groups or with their followers. It also has an added advantage to the users of viewing posts from their friends who are using the same app, commenting on those photos, and sharing them.

The gaining of followers on Instagram has several advantages which include:

• It increases one’s popularity.

• It boasts one’s confidence.

• It is a boost to one’s business.

• Some start Instagram pages to feel loved.

Over the last 12 months, an app by the name Tiktok has gone viral on social media generating the highest number of downloads ever in a quarter. Hence for Instagram to curb this new threat to business, it created an Instagram reel, which is a new brand of creating fun using particular selected video contents from Instagram stories. Instagram reel provides the user with the following:

I. One can be able to record a fifteen-second video clip that is connected to music and share them on their Instagram stories.

II. Adjust the recorded video clip to one’s preferred video speed using an account down timer.

III. It also allows one to send the recorded video clips to specific users, add one’s profile using a new reel tab or send them Instagram stories.

This new Instagram video reel will also contain a discovery section on Instagram explore, whereby the most trending public video reels will be provided with the chance to go viral. It’s not a surprise noting that the critical features of the Instagram reel are duplicates to the elements of Tiktok. Even though Tiktok has been widespread, Reel has an advantage over Tiktok. It will be positioned on Instagram hence acquiring familiarity and exposure to the over 1billion active users on Instagram.

How to create videos using the Instagram reel

Step 1

The Instagram reel will be positioned on the Instagram story camera menu either between the create mode bottom menu situated next to the story or the default normal mode hence for the users to access it they will be required to open the Instagram story camera to find the Reel which is positioned in the form of an icon.

Step 2

Using the screen, select the audio section by tapping the icon labeled music.

Step 3

After tapping the music icon, the user can then press the play icon which will then display a stopwatch icon with different video speeds, and then choose the rate of the video

Step 4

Using the stopwatch icon, choose the length of your clips then set a timer. Just before the recording starts, the timer will display a countdown.

If you need to apply effects scroll across to use them or you can decide to AR filters to your video, or choose to choose previously saved filters by scrolling to the end and tapping the browse effects.

Step 5

Hold down the recording button to capture the footage. After finishing the recording and editing the cover photo using a video thumbnail or adding it from the camera roll, you can save the video as a draft, send it to your chosen friends, add it to your Instagram profile or share the video to stories.

How to increase followers on Reel

To increase followers on the reel, one has to ensure that the shared reels are surprising, timely, irritable, inspiring, responsible relevant, and funny.

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