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Social media is growing each day. Today, almost every teen and adult have a Facebook account. Right? Some parents are forced to control the Children’s phone usage due to social media. At times due to different reasons, you might want to hack a particular Facebook account. So what do you do? This is why people are looking to hack into someones else facebook account to access photos, email id, videos and credentials using this facebook hack tool here.

Here are some simple ways you can hack Facebook account:

1) Trial and Error

The first method is trial and error, where you try out different passwords to see if you can guess it. Mostly the way works for accounts that you know the owner, and you also have the username, which can be either an email or a phone number.

The best way to start your guesswork is trying out his first name and birth year. Most people use passwords that they can remember easily. The combination of their first name and the birth year is the most common. If it’s someone you know well, try out his or her nicknames, siblings’ names, favorite places, favorite cities, and so on. The method is quite tiring and almost impossible, especially if the Facebook account owner is smart.

2) Phishing

Phishing is a simple method mostly used by web designers. Here you create a replica page of the Facebook login page and use it to capture information from the target. It’s an illegal method, and most of the antiviruses will block this kind of web page. However, it’s quite simple to trick anyone using this method.

All you have to do is create a replica page of Facebook.com/login and integrate a database where the passwords will be stored. Once the page is set, you need to host it and publish it. And since it’s a phishing website, there is no need to encrypt the data. Once anyone tries to log in on the page, their password is captured and stored in your database, and you can use the data to log in to their account. It’s quite risky but straightforward.

3) Reset Password

Another simple way to hack Facebook password is through the ‘Forgot Password’ link. You will need to enter the victim’s email, and a Facebook account will pop up. Click this is ‘My Account’ and press ok. And since recovering through an email might not work unless you have the email password, click ‘No longer have access to these?’

Now you will be asked how they can reach you, and you have to type an email that you have and is linked to another Facebook account. Next, you’ll be asked a series of questions; if you’re friends with the victim, that’ll be great. If not, then you will need to make an educated guess.

If the questions get tricky, you can also use the ‘Recover your account with help from friends.’ Here you have to select five friends to the victim, and Facebook will send them passwords to help recover the account. The best way is to create five fake Facebook accounts and friend the victim and use them to hack the account.

4) Hacking Software

Hacking is growing each day with innovation growth, and software for hacking are being designed each day like the Keylogger. Today, you can find a simple to use Facebook hacking software that takes minutes, if not seconds of your time, to give you access to someone else account. You do not have to struggle much, but you might be required to pay some fees for the service.


The above are the simple ways to hack Facebook account. They have been tried and proven to work. Any method you decide to follow, take it slow for better results.


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